Buber is one of the first ride-hailing and personal safety apps to be launched in Afghanistan. The main function of the app is to connect drivers with passengers to enable an available-on-demand transportation. It also provides live location sharing features that can work regardless of requesting a ride on the app.

The commuters can select their pickup point and destination on the app and confirm the ride. The app will search for nearby drivers and connect a driver with the commuter. The driver will pick up the commuter from the pickup point and drop them in their desired destination. The commuters can track the location of the drivers en route to pick them up, on the app. The fare for the ride will be automatically calculated and displayed both for the driver and the commuter within the app.

Buber is also a personal safety app that works regardless of hailing a ride. The users can add other Buber users in their friend’s circle that can track the users’ real-time location. If the user hails a ride, the app will also share the details of the car and the driver with the people in the user’s friends circle.Buber app will accept payments made through cash, Hesab.af, ATM cards, Stripe, and PayPal. The users can also make payments through in-built Buber wallet. The users can use the payment methods above to top up their Buber wallet and then make payments for the rides.

Buber app has a dedicated Buber Driver’s section which is accessible by the authorized drivers. Any car owner that is interested in receiving ride requests from Buber users and providing a transportation service can apply for Buber’s driver account. Buber will thoroughly vet the driver’s license and the identification documents of the drivers and the registration papers of their cars before approving the driver’s account.

The app will be piloted in Kabul in multiple phases. The first phase will begin on May 28, 2018. In the first phase, Buber will be launched in our company’s campus (AHG). All the drivers at AHG will be registered on Buber and AHG employees will use Buber app to request rides for official trips. Every employee’s Buber wallet will be loaded with some credit which they can use to pay for the rides.

The cash payments would be simulated to test the cash payments. The first phase will continue for a month to test the app and fix its bugs before releasing the stable version in the second phase. In the second phase on July 1,2018, the app will be launched in one of the areas of Kabul where the taxi service has a high demand such as Makroryan, Omid-e-Sabz, and Pul-e-Surkh. The second phase will continue for another month and after its completion, Buber services will be expanded to other towns in Kabul and it gradually cover other states in Afghanistan.

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