These terms and conditions (T&Cs) constitute a legal agreement between you and Zinzir and its parent company AHG Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Zinzir). buber ride-hailing app has been developed by, and is owned by Zinzir. Please make sure you read and understand every article of the T&Cs before registering on the Application (buber) and using it. Your registration on the Application and its use shall be considered as your consent to be bound by this Agreement. If you find any article of the T&Cs unacceptable please uninstall the Application and do not avail its services.

Zinzir may bring amendments to this Agreement from time to time. The amendments shall be effective upon Zinzir’s posting of such updated Agreement. Your continued use of the Application means that you agree with all the articles of the T&Cs as amended.


  • Definitions



  1. “Application” refers to the buber – Rides and Safety mobile app and website, and all the features and services therein.
  2. “Account” refers to the User’s account on the Application.  
  3. “User” means the individual who has created an account on the Application.
  4. “Passenger” means the User who is eligible to request Rides on the Application and uses its safety features.
  5. “Driver” means the user who is eligible to get Ride requests from the Passengers and uses his Vehicle to provide a transportation service to the Passengers.
  6. “Vehicle” refers to the Driver’s personal car which fulfills the conditions set in h. Vehicle Requirements of T&Cs
  7. “Ride” means a trip from the mutually agreed pickup point to the drop off point on the Application between the Driver and the Passenger.
  8. “You”, “Your” or “Yourself” refers to the User who is accessing the Application.
  9. “We”, “Us”, or “Our” refers to Zinzir and its parent company Afghanistan Holding Group (AHG Inc.)   



  • Interpretation



  1. Any reference to singular includes plural and vice versa.
  2. Any reference to masculine includes feminine and vice versa.



  • General Eligibility


You must meet the following conditions to be eligible to use the Application. If you are not eligible to use the Application, please do not create an Account on the Application and do not use it.

  1. You have attained at least 18 years of age or the age of majority in the country or state You are using the Application.
  2. You are competent to enter into a contract under the Applicable Laws.
  3. You do not have any criminal history.
  4. You do not have any ongoing or pending criminal proceedings against You in any court of law.  
  5. You acknowledge that the information you provide while filling any form on the Application is true and up to date. We shall not be responsible for the authenticity of the information provided by the User for the use of the Application.
  6. You acknowledge that We rely on the information provided by the User and that We shall not be held liable if You or anyone who uses Your account is not eligible to use the Application.
  7. You should not impersonate someone else or provide account information, an email address, mobile number, vehicle details or any other information that is not Your own. We shall not be liable for any false or incomplete information provided by You.
  8. It is Your responsibility to make sure that you have installed the correct and updated copy of the Application. We are not liable if the Application is not compatible with your device or have downloaded a wrong version of the Application.
  9. You shall not assign or otherwise transfer Your account to any third party.
  10. You acknowledge that we shall not be held responsible for any unauthorized use of Your Account. However, in the event of such unauthorized use, You are to bring it to Our notice promptly at <insert email address>  
  11. If You are unable to access Your Account, please inform Us at <insert email address> and make a written request for blocking Your Account. Your Account shall be blocked after the verification of Your identity.



  • Ride-hailing Process



  1. The Application automatically matches a Driver and his Vehicle with a Passenger when a Passenger requests a Ride.
  2. The Driver may accept or reject a Ride request made by a Passenger.
  3. The Passenger may share his point of origin and destination with the Driver assigned to the Passenger.
  4. The Driver may share his real-time location with the Passenger assigned to the Driver.
  5. Upon accepting the Ride request, the Driver may pick the Passenger from the point of origin provided by the Passenger on the Application and drop him to his destination also provided by the Passenger on the Application.
  6. The fare for a particular Ride is calculated by Our servers and displayed on the Application. The Passenger is obliged to pay the exact amount displayed on the Application for a particular trip.



  • Non-Commercial Activity



  1. The purpose of the Application is specifically to connect Drivers and Passengers for providing Rides and to provide a real-time location sharing service. The use of the Application for any commercial purposes should strictly be avoided.
  2. The Drivers are not allowed to provide additional services such as package delivery or drop-offs and pick-ups of any other person during a Ride.
  3. The Drivers are not allowed to demand extra charges from the Passengers for their personal benefit.



  • Users Obligations



  1. You must never use the Application for any illegal or criminal activity.
  2. You may request a Ride only through the Application. You cannot call the Driver to place your request.
  3. You are expected not to change Your Destination once the Ride is confirmed.
  4. You are expected to avoid misbehaving with each other or acting in a manner that adversely affects the quality of the Ride.
  5. You are expected not to consume eatables (including drugs and alcohol or any other intoxicating beverages) in the Vehicle.
  6. You are not expected to carry any illegal items with you at all times during the Ride.
  7. You are not expected to carry your pets or any other animal(s) in the Vehicle.
  8. The Driver is expected to reach the pick-up point and drop the Passenger to his destination within the estimated time.
  9. The Driver must maintain his Vehicle in good condition at all times and must not be under influence of any kind of drugs or alcohol.
  10. The Driver must abide by all the traffic laws at all times during the Ride.
  11. The Drivers are advised to drive safely at all times. Zinzir shall not be responsible for any accidents caused by either the Driver or the Passenger.
  12. The Driver should confirm the identity of the Passenger before picking him up.
  13. The Passenger should ensure that the Vehicle providing the Ride meets all the conditions set in h. Vehicle Requirements of T&Cs and bears the same description and registration number and details specified on the Application.
  14. The Passenger may acknowledge that at times there might be a delay in the Ride due to heavy traffic or any other unavoidable circumstances.
  15. All Users and especially women are advised to be cautious while offering or accepting a Ride as Zinzir cannot guarantee the authenticity of the data shared by other Users and Zinzir shall not be held responsible for the misuse of the Application by the Users for theft, kidnapping or any other illegal or criminal activities.
  16. All Users and especially women are advised to use the inbuilt location sharing features of the Application to share their real-time location with their friends and family during a Ride.



  • Driver Eligibility


You must meet the following conditions to be eligible for applying to be a Driver on the Application.

  1. You must have attained at least 21 years of age.
  2. You must have a valid Driver’s license.
  3. Your Driver’s license should be valid for at least another 2 months.
  4. You must have at least 3 years’ experience in driving regular cars.
  5. You must have a clean driving record.
  6. You must own a registered Vehicle that meets the conditions set in h. Vehicle Requirements of T&Cs



  • Vehicle Requirements



  1. The Vehicle should have valid registration papers.
  2. Your Vehicle license (registration) should at least be valid for another 2 months.
  3. You should be the real owner of the Vehicle.
  4. The Vehicle should be in good condition and should pass Our inspection.


  • Intellectual Property



  1. All the trademarks, services, features, content and technology of the Application are owned by Zinizir and will remain Zinzir’s exclusive property.
  2. Zinzir owns all the copyright rights to the trademarks, services, features, content and technology of the Application.
  3. You are not to use the trademarks and content of the Application or reproduce any of its services, features or technology without a written consent by Zinzir.



  • Termination and Suspension of the Account


  1. We retain the right to modify, suspend or terminate the Application or Your Account without prior notice if Your manner of use of the Application breaches the T&Cs or for any other reason whatsoever.  
  2. You may disable your Account from within the Application and uninstall the Application if you do not want to continue using the Application.

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